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Indian bed
Indian bed 59x24x15 inches - offwhite

Indian bed

Price €625.00

The authentic Jamini Indian bed

Also called Indian charpoy, Indian daybed or a braided bench, our charpoy is a traditional bed created for napping. It is mostly used in hot areas and borders the roads in India so that passers-by can rest at any time of the day.

Our indian charpoy has been handmade and handwoven according to pure Indian tradition, its fabrication requires skills in carpentry and a remarkable manual dexterity for weaving. Its net is made of pure cotton and its feet, of natural wood.

With its curves and its pure lines, our Indian bed is the essential element that will add elegance and originality to your living room, your bedroom or your outdoor garden. You will be able to use it to create a relaxing space, a reading corner or a summer lounge in your country home or in your apartment.

Use Jamini's selection of linens and pillows to decorate it with a selection of mattresses and create a lovely corner with our Indian beds.