Square pillows

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Filler 24x24 inches


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Lili, Louise, Jaipur, Choti, Anamika...

Our square cushions quite unique in the varieties of colors (blue cushions, nude pink cushions, turquoise green cushions, mustard yellow cushions...). Each pattern tells a story of the Jamini brand with its multicultural influences, the incredible elegance of French design and the extremely skilled hands of the Indian craftsmen and weavers who craft the pieces.

All our ethnic square pillow covers are handmade : embroidered, woven on a traditional loom or printed with a wood stamp, we choose to promote the work of artisans involved in the entire fabrication process.

You will surely find the square cushion that will perfectly decorate your bed or your sofa. Made in different sizes (16x16 inch cushions, 24x24 inch cushions), each of our handmade pillows will bring an answer to your needs.

Use a single piece or mix motifs, coordinate designs or mismatch patterns : you can have a lot of fun with some well chosen and cleverly mixed Indian cushions.

Choose the Jamini cushion that suits to your home decor style!

Thanks to the zipper finishing, our handmade square cushions can be changed frequently according to your design sense, and will allow you to transform and adapt your interior decoration according to your style and different occasions.