Indian woman weaving in Assam

Jamini, when Indian art of living meets French elegance

Jamini by Usha Bora



To showcase unique, lesser-known facets of Indian craftsmanship and create an aesthetic dialogue between Indian heritage and French elegance that preserves and transmits artisanal know-how in the process.

Boho chic table linen © Lili in Wonderland


Jamini is a Franco-Indian lifestyle brand that creates beautiful and thoughtfully made pieces from 100% natural materials. Jamini is committed to promoting the work of artisans involved in the entire fabrication process.

Jamini is a Paris-based, internationally distributed brand that contributes to the education of future generations of Indians by helping them with training and design inputs. We serve a community of clients and partners who share our commitment to preserving cultural and textile heritage while adding a resolutely contemporary touch to traditional techniques such as hand weaving and block printing.

Jamini, inspired by the Hindi word Jamuni, describes the purple color seen in petals of the lotus flowers that cover the wetlands of Assam. This region, at the easternmost frontier of India, bordering Bhutan, Burma, and Bangladesh, is the birthplace of our founder, Usha Bora.

Colour is an intrinsic part of the Indian cultural aesthetic and gives meaning to important events. At Jamini, color completes our philosophy and accompanies our ambition of gathering a community of customers who share our values of preservation of heritage and savoir faire.

JAMINI MARQUE 3.jpg© Jérome Galland


Usha has immeasurable energy and an insatiable sense of adventurousness that led her from her birthplace of India to her adopted home of France.

A daughter of Assam who has remained closely attached to this region, Usha likes to call herself a "child of the earth". She grew up in the heart of tea plantations surrounded by majestic animals such as rhinoceroses and elephants in the tropical forests managed by her grandfather. Determined in her quest for learning and emancipation, she left India in her early twenties to chase her dreams and arrived in Paris, France, where she carved out a unique future for herself.

block print © Sophie Denux


Usha’s quest for harmony between Indian and French cultures and her deep sense of curiosity has honed her aesthetic and creative talent to create a unique Franco-Indian style which is a perfect alchemy of two wonderful civilizations. The brand’s identity is closely linked to this intercultural mélange.

textile weaving© Claudio Cambon


The heart of Assam that Jamini draws its inspiration from is a place that nurtures the technique of textile weaving. This region, rich in natural resources, is a showcase for hand-woven textiles.

The state of Assam still practices handloom weaving in cotton and silk. Most women have a loom in their home, giving them a source of income and some form of independence. Jamini works with clusters of women in different villages, using Eri silk, known as "peace silk", which is used in our scarves. Eri silk, which was long considered the silk of the poor, is an exceptional quality fabric made without killing the silkworm, which is extracted from the cocoon before being used. The brand partners with with a community of Indian women who weave Eri and cotton fabrics, and it is committed to helping them develop their skills as weavers and preserve their know-how.

block printing© Claudio Cambon

Showcasing BLOCK PRINTING, a TRADITIONAL KNOW-HOW using hand carved wooden blocks.

Block printing or Dabu, a technique of hand printing using carved wooden blocks, originated in Rajasthan and is now widespread throughout India. Jamini uses this process to create a part of its lifestyle and home décor pieces. Our signature motifs and subtly colored patterns are created by talented block printers who use intricately carved wooden blocks to place colors and outlines with the greatest skill. This technique is one of our favorites and a perfect complement to other crafts such as weaving and hand embroidery.

eco friendly paper© Sophie Denux

ECO-Friendly PAPER from elephant and rhino waste

Jamini partners with El Rhino, founded by Usha’s father and sister, to produce notebooks from a beautiful quality of hand-crafted paper made without damaging the treasures of the lush tropical forest of Assam. El Rhino paper is made of natural fibres collected from rhinoceros and elephant poo. This process helps preserve the natural resources of the region by making paper without felling trees while providing a source of income for women of the neighboring villages. El Rhino informs villagers about the risks of poaching and deforestation which threaten the ecological balance of the forest and trains them to reach out to authorities when they sense a danger of poaching. Our commitment to environmental preservation and the protection of Assam’s natural resources go hand in hand with our efforts to train and accompany the women of this Northeastern state.