Ideas and inspiration for a bohemian chic table

A meal, no matter how frugal, is a moment of encounter. It can be an occasion of joy and communion, uniting people in a profound way.

Elise Boulding

To celebrate these joyful gatherings, create a stylish table decor! Forget the boring rules and make combinations according to your desires. A bohemian chic style table is a perfect way to bring a dose of travel and freedom to the table.

Rectangular tablecloths, square tablecloths, round tableclothsplacemats and napkins, our table linens and kitchen accessories are available for all tastes and will allow you to create a boho chic table decoration that suits you.

Here are some tips and tricks for a bohemian chic decoration style that will delight your guests and make you spend a wonderful moment around the dining table.

Reema round floral tablecloth, bohemian table decoration

Reema floral tablecloth © Lili in Wonderland - © Ablissfulnest

Green vibes

Soothing green shades bring a touch of serenity to your home decor. At the table, flowers are ideal to bring freshness and conviviality. Add dried or freshly cut flowers in small touches or in a maxi bouquet in the center of the table.

If you don't have a green thumb, you can use our floral printed table linens -Reema, Rang or Banna!

Rang round tablecloth, bohemian chic flower table

Rang round tablecloth © Lili in Wonderland - © Anne-Sophie Drouin

Flowers in the kitchen, Rang round printed tablecloth

© Constance Gennari - Rang round printed tablecloth © Lili in Wonderland

Soft and cozy light

For a cozy ambiance on your table, use candles; these will add a soft light to your delicious dishes. A large rectangular tablecloth with candlesticks will give a sophisticated and chic note to your interior decoration; photophores arranged on printed placemats for a bohemian touch.

The ultimate boho chic touch: a rattan garland.

Rectangle tablecloth, printed table mats and napkins, Jamini

Anima & Phool tablecloths, hand printed table mats and napkins © Lili in Wonderland

Vintage tableware from the back of the closet

For a quirky and unique bohemian look, play on accumulation and mix of influences. Stoneware, ceramic or terracotta dishes are ideal, as are mismatched plates with an eclectic style from elsewhere. It's time to bring out your decorative pieces brought back from your travels!

If you opt for a colorful floral tablecloth, use plain dishes that highlight the patterns of your tablecloth.

For an irresistible retro feel, use vintage dishes to balance out the floral and delicate look of your table. Use golden copper or brass flatware for that touch of elegance. Add wicker bread baskets, and you're done!

Vintage tableware

© Clem Around The Corner - © Annadelores

Bohemian chic interior design, vintage brassware

© Auguri Studio - © Pinterest

The tablecloth, a timeless basic

Rectangular tablecloths, round tablecloths, square tablecloths, large tablecloths: whatever your table or the space you want to decorate, the tablecloth is a must to create a cocoon of comfort and well-being during your meals. Floral and colorful prints will bring a breath of freshness and that bohemian feel.

For smaller spaces, consider a table runner in soft, natural shades, typical of bohemian chic decor.

Bohemian chic atmosphere at the table

© Kasia Fiszer - © Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

Banna olive tablecloth and Jamini napkins, boho chic table decoration ideas

Banna olive tablecloth © Lili in wonderland - © Jonas Gustavsson

Placemats and napkins for a mix & match

Bohemian means mixing styles! Use contrasting placemats and napkins according to your desires of the moment. If you're in a more sophisticated mood, you can also mix and match prints and colors.

To keep a soothing atmosphere, maintain a harmony of colors and favor a few strong pieces that will ensure the bohemian chic atmosphere.

Jamini tablecloths, placemats and napkins

Hand printed table matsnapkins © Lili in Wonderland

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